考虑换工作? Have you completed your undergraduate degree and want to become a high school or middle school teacher?

本课程理论与实践相结合, ensuring that you have early and frequent opportunities to gain experience and apply you knowledge in the school setting. We provide the foundational and pedagogical skills needed to support strong preparation and future teaching success. 我们的课程为累积就业组合奠定了基础, 学生教学结束后哪一个结论.








Those who have earned a bachelor’s degree in one of the content areas below can complete the necessary coursework and field experiences to become licensed educators in their respective subjects.

申请过程 & 需求

  1. We will work with you to review your prior coursework and develop a program completion plan. Please contact 梅根·亨德森 Director of 入学 for 研究生 and 专业 Education to begin this process: 梅根.henderson@1151880099.com.
  2. 请创建一个帐户和 在线申请. 没有申请费. In the Student 配置文件 section within the application, select “专业发展” as the 学生类型,然后选择“中等教育教师执照计划”作为 学术项目. (Please note that you do not have to upload anything to the Materials section of the application).
  3. Send official transcripts from each institution attended  (including undergraduate and graduate) to: 罗拉大学 研究生入学s, 收信人:梅根·亨德森, 阿尔塔维斯塔街1450号, 太阳城现金网app下载,2001

作为正式的成绩单, it must be mailed in a sealed envelope from that institution’s Registrar’s Office directly to 罗拉大学 研究生入学s.

Transcript “issued to student” as well as faxed and copied transcripts will not be considered official. Official electronic transcripts ordered through a service such as Credential 服务s or National Student Clearinghouse are also acceptable.

特许课程 & 需求


  • 教育基础
  • 全纳教育的基础
  • 发展心理学
  • 多元文化教育
  • 差异化教学,5-12年级(2学分)
  • 普通中学课程 & 指令
  • 中学课程方法-内容区
  • 中级临床,5-12级(1 cr)
  • 中间阅读 & 中学
  • 学生教学(10小时)
  • 顶点研讨会(2小时)

Students are admitted to the Teacher Education Program after the successful completion of the first three courses listed above and a passing score on the Praxis Core basic skills test.  最小g.p.a. of 2.75分才能继续参加这个项目. 超出成功完成所有项目要求, the state requires that individuals seeking licensure pass an FBI background check and present a passing score on the Praxis II exam in both content and pedagogy.

灵活的 & 方便

课程在白天或下午晚些时候授课. 我们的课程是面对面的,你可以在业余时间继续学习.

课程在传统的课堂环境中教授, leveraging technology to fully engage the breadth of teaching and learning pedagogies.

You may complete the coursework in as few as four semesters or over a longer period of time depending on your needs and prior preparation.


Students have both content area and education faculty advisors ensuring integration across all requirements.

Diverse field experiences locally and throughout the region to best support student preparation.


All students participate in a 专业发展学院 prior to student teaching which provides an immersive, collaborative connection to mentor teachers that support students in applying and reflecting upon best teaching practices.


The 罗拉 Teacher Education program is approved by the state of Iowa and holds membership in the Iowa Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.



本课程的学生按学分支付本科学费, 除非他们是全日制学生,每学期12学分以上. Please see the undergraduate section of our 学费 and 费用 page for detailed cost information.


你可能有资格获得经济援助. Individual circumstances vary and should be discussed with our financial planning office.

While 罗拉大学 is not able to offer scholarships to students who have already completed an undergraduate degree, there are some sites that gather information for career changer students: StudentScholarship搜索 is one option and searching for scholarships using keywords “nontraditional students” and “second bachelor’s degrees” may prove valuable. 信息rmation on grants for students pursuing a teaching degree is available through this site run by the Department of Education.


Courses in this program are sequenced, daytime courses offered in person on the 罗拉 campus.


Students may complete the coursework in as few as four semesters but the timeline will vary depending on prior preparation.

Students must complete all six courses with passing grades in order to fulfill the CFP® Certification Education requirement. You must complete your curriculum within five years of passing your first course to ensure you are mastering relevant material.

Once a financial services professional has been authorized to add the CFP® designation to their title, they are also required to recertify with 30 hours of continuing education credit every two years, 包括三个小时的道德CE学分.


It would depend on your work schedule and the number of courses you are enrolled in per semester.

如果我在爱荷华州获得执照,我可以在另一个州教书吗? 这是怎么做到的?

Each state has its own out-of-state licensure application process for candidates who have been prepared and already licensed elsewhere. Candidates must first be licensed in the state where they are prepared before pursuing licensure in another state.

What if my undergraduate degree is in something other than the content areas listed above?

洛拉斯学院只能在上面列出的内容领域推荐许可证. 但是,所有以前的课程都将被评估以确定资格.

如果我十多年前就毕业了呢? 它还算在这个执照里吗?

All previous coursework will be evaluated to determine equivalency as there is no standard timeline associated with determining the currency of coursework.






布伦特Daigle  博士学位



丽贝卡·法布里修斯  MS


大卫·莎莉  博士学位



斯科特Scheuerell  博士学位



丽贝卡·史密斯  博士学位


——当晚威尔士  博士学位